Benefits of Radio Teleswitching

Radio Teleswitching is a very convenient and economic method of sending information and control signals to customers premises and operational sites. Other benefits include:

  • Plug-in-and-use simplicity - no need to purchase, install and maintain any dedicated hardware or software.
  • Access to a powerful and reliable national broadcast communication system.
  • Ability to operate the service from any chosen location within or outside the UK.
  • Ability to switch 200MW or more of load with the transmission of a single message.
  • Easy application of dynamic tariffs and load control (giving more precise and flexible control over energy consumption patterns, allowing supply businesses to optimise trading margins, and distribution businesses to accommodate operational constraints and defer capital expenditure.)
  • Provides added value to customers (switching their loads for them and enabling them to benefit from competitive time of day supply tariff rates.)
  • Easy addition of new customers and operational sites to the service (no wiring up to any network or payment of any connecting charges.)
  • Compatible with competitive market requirements of 1998. (The system will allow the same level of access to any customers signed on anywhere in the UK - the communication costs have neither the distance dependency of telephone lines nor the physical interconnection constraints of power mains.)
  • Freedom of adding more customers to the service with no increase in service charge (service charges are not related to the number of customers receiving the service).
  • Other users to share the operational, maintenance and development costs of the system.
  • Flexibility of changing the level of service required every year to match needs.
  • A single organisation to take over all the responsibilities associated with the many functions required to provide the service.
  • Ready access to assistance on operational issues and problems related to the system.
  • Opportunities to influence developments of the system.
  • Benefit of ideas from other users relating to the operation and development of the system.
  • Reports on the performance of the service.
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