Radio Teleswitching: History (continued)

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has overall responsibility for the operation, maintenance and development of the system in accordance with the requirements of the companies using the Radio Teleswitching service.

A unique feature and advantage of Radio Teleswitching is its ability to give authorised users instant, low cost access to a proven, nationwide, broadcast communication facility through nothing more than a PC and a modem. Users do not have all the problems associated with selecting, owning and operating complex communications infrastructures.

The flexibility of the system allows a range of load management, demand side management and other control strategies to be deployed. Load management applications have included the matching and co-ordination of generation and plant loading with customer demand for smaller isolated power systems.

For larger, more complex systems, it permits a wider selection of tariffs with more dynamic control for influencing energy consumption patterns and system loadings more precisely. This can make it easier to optimise economic margins, defer capital investment and accommodate operational constraints.

In recognition of both the technical innovation and the potential economic benefit it could bring the system received the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in 1987.

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