Radio Teleswitching: More Information

'Simple Teleswitch'

  • Teleswitch replaces clock in Economy 7 systems
  • Two modes:
    - Peak rate power (storage heaters off)
    - Off-peak power (storage heaters on)
  • Cannot vary heating load time without varying peak/off-peak times

    (click on the image to see an enlarged diagram)

'Double' Teleswitch

  • Twin teleswitch and meters
  • Heating load is independent of tariff changes
  • Able to offer
    - X hours of heating per day
    - Fixed peak/off-peak times

    (click on the image to see an enlarged diagram)

What Effect Does Radio
Teleswitching Have On Demand?

  • Rapid changes in demand have to be met with flexible plant
  • Can lead to high imbalance charges
  • Smoother load curves
    - reduce need to call flexible plant
    reward variable demand

    (click on the images to see an enlarged diagram)

Potential Teleswitch Services

  • 'Flattening' the load curve
    - Short-term dispatch
    Long-term agreed profiles
  • Other services

What to do if there is a problem with your teleswitch.

  • If you have any issues or problems with the teleswitch installed in your home or business you should contact your electricity supplier. You can find out who your supplier is by contacting your electricity network operator.
    Who is my electricity network operator?


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